All you need

What is power supply?

A power supply* converts the AC120V from your power outlets into DC12V.

It is required when you want to use equipment that works on DC12V from your power outlet.

See our Power Supply

*Different conversions are possible, our available DC products all operate on DC12V.

Choice of lights

Surface mounted lights :
SPL3 , LED strip

Recessed Lights :
PK3W-3CCT , SPL3 , S100 , SPL4 , SPL8 , SPL10

AC lights :
SPL10 , Trip-Proof Led tube

Special lights :
Stairway Puck Light , LED strip

Choice of AC switches

The AC lights ( SPL10 and Tri-Proof LED tube ) do not need a power supply.
You can connect them directly to your AC switch.

The DC lights :

*The AC switch connects to AC120V input of your power supply.

To use with an on/off switch, you need a Non Dimmable Power Supply

To use with a dimmer, you need a Dimmable Power Supply

*We do not sell AC switch and dimmer, you can buy it at your local hardware strore.

Choice of DC switch

*DC switches are not compatible with AC lights*
*DC switches connect to the DC12V output of your power supply*

See all our switches

On/Off DC switches :
Rocket Switch , Doorswitch

Dimmer DC switches* :
Touch Dimmer , Wallmount Dimmer

*Dimmer DC switches do not need Dimmable Power Supply, use Non Dimmable Power Supply

Choice of remotes

Single Color :
R11 , RK1

Multicolor (RGB) :
R8 , RK3 , T24

The remote talk with the controllers that are plugged between your lights and their DC12V power supply.

One remote can drive multiple controllers at once.

We program the remotes with their controllers, so you can have 2 or more of the same remote controlling 2 different lights without interference.
Just like you can have 2 remotes that control the same light.

Calculation of the loads

To calculate your total load, you must add up the Power of all the equipement you want to plug to your power supply.

Ex : Load of 3x SPL3 (3W/u) + 2x SPL8 (8W/u)
Total load = 3*3W + 2*8W = 25W

Then you select a power supply with a greater or equal Power to your load.

For this example, you could use a 28W power supply.

For the lights, see in specification Power in Watt.
For the power supply, DC switches and controllers, see in specification Max Power Load in Watt.

Need more power

Vous souhaité utiliser le même interrupteur pour toutes vos lumières mais la charge maximale de l'interrupteur est inférieure à la puissance de vos lumières,
Vous pouvez utiliser nos amplificateurs.

Pour les projets simple (monochrome) voir "amplimono"

Pour vos projets colorés voir "ampliRGB"

Relier le signal de l'interrupteur à l'amplificateur et alimenter le avec un transformateur assez puissant, puis vous connecter le reste de vos lumières sur sa sortie.