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Ambiance Domotique

RK3 RGB Remote

RK3 RGB Remote

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RK3 Remote
36W Controller (V3-W)
144W Controller (V3)

The RK3 remote control allows you to drive the color of your multi-color (RGB) lights as well as their intensity remotely.
Easy to use, click on the large button once to turn your lights on, again to turn them off. By turning the knob, vary the color of your RGB lights.

*For use with multi-color lights (RGB)*

*To work, you absolutely need a controller plugged to your lights*

Controller RGB V3-W specification :
Input Voltage : DC12-24V
Output Voltage : DC12-24V
Max Power Load : 36W
Dimensions : (L)6.5cm x (l)1.4cm x (H)5mm
1x male DC connector + 1x female DC connector (included)

Controller RGB V3 specification :
Input Voltage : DC12-24V
Output Voltage : DC12-24V
Max Power Load : 144W
Dimensions : (L)10.7cm x (l)3.3cm x (H)1.8cm

Remote control Specification :
Battery : CR2032 (included)
Range : 30meters
Signal : RF no need to point anything.
Dimensions : (L)6.5cm x (l)9.2cm x (H)6cm, knob (Φ)4cm

The controllers are compatible with all RGB lights operating at DC12V with a power less than the Max Power Load of the controller.

Advantages of using multiple controllers :
1. Control lights from a different power outlet with the same remote.
2. Distribute the load if the power of lights exceeds 36W.
 Ex : 2x 200cm of RGB LED Strip = 56W > 36W,
 distributed in (1x200cm of RGB LED Strip= 28W < 36W) x2

(see 6th image)
The remote control purchased with its controllers is pre-synchronized with them, wich means that it will only be compatible with the latter.
So if you buy another kit, the controller from the 2nd kit will not interfere with your equipment controlled by your remote control from the 1st kit.
Also, if you want two remotes to control the same lights, it is possible to do so.
(you will need to synchronize it using a simple procedure included)

5years warrantly

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